eLectronic Information and Balances BY phone

  • 24 hour Touch-Tone Banking System.FBL Online Application Form
  • LIBBY is our 'round-the-clock' bookkeeping department that's on call when it's most convenient for you to call.
  • Forget how much check #505 was written for?
  • Want to see if your direct deposit came in?
  • Need to see when your next loan payment is due?
  • CALL LIBBY - She can tell you over the phone!
  • Libby can do all kinds of things - checking, savings, loan, CD's
  • LIBBY can even FAX a statement to your fax machine!
  • Call her at 645-HELP (645-4357) or 335-FBL1 (335-3251)
  • Contact us TODAY to get your PIN number activated!