The FBL Team

While all of our team members wear a lot of hats, we've listed a few highlights of our respective areas of expertise.

Mark G. FieldMark G. Field
President & Chairman of the Board
Mark joined our bank in 1985 as a loan officer after getting his B.S. (how appropriate!) from SIU. He has overall responsibilities with both locations, including working with loan customers and CD's/IRA's/SIMPLES's. You might even see him changing light bulbs or picking cigarette butts out of the parking lot. Whatever needs doing, when it needs to be done! Let Mark put his energy and expertise to work for you! 

Jane E. WindofferJane E. Windoffer
Vice President and Cashier
Jane has been part of FBL since 1977, and has helped improve most every area of the bank. She is the chief accounting officer for the bank's own business and she is also in charge of all of the IRA's, SEP's & SIMPLE's. She loves helping customers with CD's and other accounts as well! Let her help you! 

Scott J. SchoonoverScott J. Schoonover
Exectutive Vice President
Scott joined the FBL team in 1993 after operating his own successful plumbing business locally for several years. He's got the business acumen and good old-fashioned common sense you need in your corner. Scott has overall responsibilities for the loans at all three convenient locations, but he regularly "saves the day" helping everyone of us on the team. Scott would like to help you, too!

C. Lynn Hill, Assistant CashierC. Lynn Hill
Assistant Cashier
Lynn has been part of FBL since 1981. She helps keep the "back room" running smooth and keeps our customers smiling. With primary responsibilities in the operations area of the bank, she never forgets that it's all for naught without you, the customer. Let Lynn know what we can do for you!

Mary N. FieldMary N. Field
Assistant Cashier
Mary has been devoting her life to her customers here since 1984. Like all of us, she wears a lot of hats, but oftentimes you will find her in the lobby helping a customer choose the best account or CD for their particular needs. She's a great listener, and she cares about her customers. Tell Mary what your banking needs are and she'll make sure you get the best deal available!

Mary Kay LeapleyMary Kay Leapley
Customer Care Specialist
Mary Kay became part of the FBL family in 1984. She oversees a lot of our computer work, but she's quick to help out whenever a customer needs her. Ask Mary Kay for help and the job gets done. Do you need help? Ask Mary Kay!

Daphne L. SimonDaphne L. Simon
Customer Care Specialist
Daphne came to us from a large bank in 1991 because she likes people a lot more than she likes numbers!! She's a people-person for sure! Handling lots of different transactions in the lobby, at the drive-up, through the mail and over the phone, her heart's in the right place and she always puts you in first place.

Elizabeth J. Elizabeth J. "Betsy" Van De Velde
Administrative Assistant
You may not see Betsy out in the spotlight a lot, but she is certainly a shining star at FBL. Mark didn't give her a job description so she wouldn't know where to stop being helpful! She is the "behind the scenes" person who keeps everybody's computers humming, keeps the loan guys organized, and helps to make everyone's job easier and more efficient. New duties are added daily, and she's still here! Quite a load for someone who started as an Administrative Assistant in 1997 and as Information Technology Manager in 2006.

Diana L. FeslerDiana L. Fesler
Customer Care Specialist
Diana came on board in 1995 to help set up our Barry Community Banking Center. Customers expect a lot from Diana and she always comes through for them. From new accounts to old friends, Diana and her tireless spirit are a major asset. Go ahead, make Diana's day. Let her help you with your banking!

Mark M. ThompsonMark M. Thompson
Loan Officer
Mark would like to help you plan your financial future by helping you get the things you need and want with a low-cost loan.  Whether it be for a home, car, farm or tractor, Mark will help you get the best deal possible, with a payment you can afford. 

Mark joined the FBL family in 1995 when we built our Barry Community Banking Center.  He grew up in Barry and wanted to help his hometown grow and prosper.

Jeane Hurt, Customer Care SpecialistJeane Hurt
Customer Care Specialist
Would you like SUPERIOR SERVICE served up with a smile?  Just come through one of our two convenient drive-up lanes at Barry and Jeane will make your day!  She knows that our customers want to get what they need and get back on the  road to tend to their busy lives, so she does her level best every day to make your banking experience a pleasant one. 

Banking shouldn't have to be a chore for you!  Jeane also covers the lobby teller lines, too, so you can also come in to get her brand of service if you want to get out of your car as well! 

Jeane is a life-long resident of Barry, and is active in many community organizations.  She wants to help FIRST-HAND in making Barry a better place to live and work.

Kathy NewmanKathy Newman
Service Professional
Our Barry Community Banking Center has been growing so fast that we needed to find another service professional to add to our staff. Kathy joined us early in 1998 to give our customers the best service available without having to wait very long to be served!!!

Kathy had been in the food-service business for several years, so she knows all about dealing with the public! Everyone loves her and we're sure glad she's now a part of our family.

Kathy would like for you to stop by for a visit! She can assist you with your banking business while you enjoy our friendly atmosphere!! She makes banking fun!

Judy ChapmanJudy Chapman
Customer Care Specialist
Judy has had an extensive professional career in banking, starting with a small community bank and then later with a larger, more regional banking firm.  She realized that there is no better place to do business than with a small community bank, where we care more about our customers than we do our next quarterly profit report. 

When Judy heard about our plans to acquire the facility in Payson in 1998, she jumped at the chance to return to her roots, not to mention to be closer to home.  She wanted to get back to helping her friends and neighbors with their every day banking needs, in addition to their long-term retirement planning.  Whether your needs include a checking, savings or money-market account, or a high-yielding certificate of deposit, Judy stands ready to assist you.  If you do not regularly invest in an IRA, or other retirement account, call Judy TODAY to get going. 

Judy is very community-minded, being active in church and civic activities alike.  She is only happy when she is helping someone else.  Make Judy happy, let her help you TODAY. 

Kathy AlbsmeyerKathy Albsmeyer
Customer Care Specialist
Kathy is ready to help you with all of your banking needs, whether it be in our comfortable lobby, or through our convenient drive-up lane.  Dedicated and professional, Kathy will make sure you will get our brand of COMPETITIVE RATES and SUPERIOR SERVICE all-day, every day!!! 

Kathy is a long-time banking professional, and we were thrilled when she decided to continue her career with us!  When Kathy found out that we were planning to acquire the facility here in Payson in 1998, she knew that there was a place for a locally-owned, family-oriented bank that Payson could call its own.  She was right!  Thanks to her efforts, along with her "teammates", the deposits of the Payson Community Banking Center have grown tremendously!  Kathy is very active in our school district, and throughout the community, and she takes personal responsibility to make sure her customers get what they need, when they need it.  Stop in to see Kathy TODAY!

Tammy Von Burg Tammy VonBurg
Loan Clerk
Tammy started as Loan Clerk in March of 2001. She works in service to those who serve you best!! Call Tammy for fast and friendly answers to loan-related questions and she'll help get you to the right people!

Rory Fundell Rory Fundell
Operations Assistant
Rory joined The Farmers Bank of Liberty in July of 2004 and hasn't sat down yet! He quickly caught on to backroom functions and makes continuous improvement in service to YOU, his valued customers. He sometimes answers the phone, he sometimes runs the courier route, but he's never too busy for a friendly "Hello".