Commercial Loans

Whether you are running a farming, retail, service or manufacturing business, we can help! FBL Online Application Form

  • Operating Loans - for farms or other seasonal businesses. We can take the kinks out of your cash flow with a fluctuating line of credit or short-term operating note for inputs, inventory, accounts and operating expenses until your ship (i.e. your cash) comes in!
  • Equipment/Machinery Loans - We'll help get you what you need to get the job done with an intermediate-term equipment loan. We'll match the financing to your cash flow and your industry.
  • Real Estate - Whether you are building, buying or improving physical plant or property, our longer-term financing for capital improvements fits the bill.
  • Rural Adams Development Corporation/Pike County Community Development Corporation - We are a member of both the RADC and Pike County CDC! Low-interest loans and risk capital may be available to help you get your business plans off the ground! Stop in today for details!
  • SBA/FMHA Guaranteed Loans - If you've got a special need for your farm or business we can pull together the resources of many public and private programs.

We're here to help you grow!